Coming to Frisco in January 2022

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It is with great pleasure to announce 717 Barber Academy opening in January 2022.  This has been a goal of mine since I became a barber almost 20 years ago.  Want to be a barber?  Want to be your own boss and learn the industry inside and out?  My goal is not only to show you how to cut hair but give you the tools to be successful.  

Open Enrollment 12/7/2021



     When you think of a barber your first thought may be what you remember seeing in the movies and on TV.  Community barber shop a place for people to socialize, a hang out.  Barbering is that indeed but its also Art.  Every barber has their own talents.  From amazing designs to color to the best fades the possibilities are endless if you practice and put in the time.

       Our mission is to educate our students with  basic scientific understanding of the scalp and hair. You'll learn about hair anatomy and physiology so you can properly cut, color, style, and treat hair. You'll also learn about the finer points of men's grooming and styling.  

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is 12/7/2021.  Please check back for updates.  If you would like to get on the list please email us by clicking the link below.